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Created in 1996 by Heath Porter and designed by Stan Rush VP of the shop. Paradise Originals was created from Paradise  Car Club which was founded by Heath in 1990. Started from the great friendship an people the club atmosphere create,  With the dream of wanted to change the world  by providing a unique vision of life seen through the eyes glasses of the Paradise way. Based on the belief that color, creed or gender doesn’t matter. Keeping the guiding principal that  as long as you had a great attitude you  were welcome among  us. The success of the brand was immediate by selling out nearly every shipment we got in.  Each time a shipment arrived it would  be gone by the following week. Consequently we  began to sell to other avenues stores any outlet that expressed interest.  Eventually growing to selling apparel in  over 18 states and a host of other countries. With our continued visibility at  the Magic Show in Las Vegas we created street wear apparel for men and women.  To date our best sellers were our T-shirts and Hats .  Our unique  our company slogan  Paradise “Its What You Make It.”  Shows that what started with big dreams has never stopped. Our goals is still the same and simple to give the world something good instead. We hope you take a minute to take a look at some of our wears and purchase. Not only do we believe it to be different but it will provide a great feeling.  Which is why we got into  logo and  apparel from start. Hope You enjoy. “It;s what you make it”
Paradise Originals  Apparel
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Paradise Originals
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