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We have been designing apparel since 1996. From our first customer the rapper “Nelly” to our most resent customer 24 Hustle. We can design apparel for you and you brand. We specialize in  turning  your apparel into a production patterns and even have samples made of it. We have access to seamstress and actual production sewing facilities. We are manufacturers of 2 apparel brands, Paradise Originals which is a street wear brand established in 1996, known for selling wears to stores in  over 18 states here in the US,  Canada, Japan, Netherlands, England & Germany. We also created the brand Chop Shop Leather Essentials which has been shipped to every continent and every state in the United States.  We welcome an in store appointment to meet with you and or you company to get you started producing apparel. We can provide you with the in’s  and outs of apparel product design and production.  We also can do phone conferences with you and your staff as well. A consulting fee of $150 per hour will be charged.  
Apparel Designs
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Please take a minute and send and email to shedule an appointment to get started designing your brand for you. 
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